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06-May-2019 07:01

They are in control and we believe this is why so many young people call us every day.

Telefon Pa Hubentud’s counsellors encourage children to share their problems with an adult they trust.

In 1999 a small group came together and decided to carry out the project of setting up Telefon Pa Hubentud based on information gathered especially from the youth Helplines of Holland who are in existence for over 20 years and the Curacao Telephone Helpline that was in existence at that time.

The main difference between these helplines within the Kingdom of the Netherlands is that Telefon Pa Hubentud commenced with the experiment of including teenagers within its volunteer counsellors’ group, an experiment that is resulting in success.

We want to be there in every situation and anytime possible, and we believe that this app will help us reach this goal.

This will help us to guide and give help any youngster that is in need of someone to talk.

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Die Pläne für eine Telefonleitung in Aruba hatte es schon seit einiger Zeit, von privaten Organisationen als auch innerhalb der Politik der Sozialminister.

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Each session addresses a new area of counseling and explores particular issues.

All telephone calls, which are anonymous, are registered.